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Skrova Kayak

Skrova Kayak AS welcomes you to the LOFOTEN islands - a spectacular playground we're proud to call HOME.

We are a small sea kayak company with long-termexperience in sea kayak tours, rentals, and localknowledge, with tours being provided throughout thewhole year focusing on the surroundings of Skrova island.


Although our guiding tours offer an intimate experiences ina small-groups , we also have the capacity to host up to 20paddlers at the time on our adventures.


We are excited to share this special place with you, where adventures await behind every stroke you make.Welcome to Skrova island.


Michal Kraus - 'Mike'

 Mike has been living on Skrova island throughout the entire year. Originally from Czech Republic, he has been working as a kayak tour leader in Lofoten since 2013 sharing his passion of nature, marine life - collecting sound recordings of whales while kayaking in their natural habitat. Ask him for some of his samples if you are curious about how Orcas sound while chatting under water. 

But also, Mike isn’t just any old lead kayak guide- he is a chef in a sea kayak! He can probably whip up a cake out of seagull egg, sea foam and decorated with freshly chopped seaweed while paddling backwards.  '


'Sea kayaking brings you a great opportunity to explore places in a harmless way to the environment and with zero sound pollution this allows you to encounter wild life in exceptional way''​Michal Kraus​​​​​     

Contact us

Skrovs Kayak AS

+47 48473151

org.num. 928959767

Været 2, Skrova 8320

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