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What to bring along ?

Sunny days:

t-shirt, shorts, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, cap, (bring extra clothing if you are planing to take a swim at the beach.)

Do not forget your bottle of water and small snack.

Sunny, but windy days:

Bring extra light jacket, or t-shirt with longer sleeves.

Rainy days: 

We provide drysuits to our customers.

Please choose good wool layers with long sleeves,bring extra wool gloves,warm beanie and warm socks.We provide druisuits on our tours and extra wind protection covers for your gloves.

Thermos if you like to fill up hot tea or coffee at our place :-)
We DO NOT recommend Cotton clothing when it gets wet it wicks the heat from your body and takes a long time to dry.



Skrova Kayak AS recommends that all clients have correct travel insurance. While on a guided tour, Skrova Kayak AS covers all kayak and relevant equipment, but no personal belongings.
While renting sea kayak the client is responsible for a kayak and all kayak equipment until returned to Skrova Kayak AS.

Do you rent to solo paddlers?

Please note that we rent out our kayaks only to experienced kayakers with certified rescue skills ACA,BCU,NPF(VÅTTKORT), or other recognized Kayak Association.


If you are not a holder of such a certification, you are encouraged to join our guided tours where instruction to kayaking will be given.

How many paddlers can participate on our guided tours ? 

We have a minimum of 2 paddlers & maximum of 10 paddlers on our guided tours.

If you like to arrange private tour for bigger groups please contact us on .

Our capacity is up to 20 padlers.

Are there any height and weight limitations ?

For a single paddler, the Tahe Marine Midi kayak can accommodate a person 70-100kg up to 190cm.

The Tahe Marine Mini can accommodate a person 40-85kg up to 180cm.

The Hasle Excursion can accommodate a person up to 195-200cm.

Please let us know ahead of time if you are over 190cm.

Where do
we meet on the island ?

We meet our paddlers by Heimbrygga restaurant (orange building) approx. 50m from Skrova ferry harbour.

What if the weather conditions are unsafe ?

Generally if it’s raining we’ll still proceed, but strong winds and sea swells can cause us to cancel.
Marine life are more active on rainy days.

Do I need experience paddling a kayak?

No you don't need any experience for your guided tour. A short briefing and introduction to kayaking will be given before your tour by our guide.

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